Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2020 Monkey Paperback – November 25, 2019


by Lillian Too and Jennifer Too (Author)

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The MONKEY in 2020 is one of the LUCKIEST of the 12 animal signs! Your cup runneth over with not one or two but THREE AUSPICIOUS STARS! The ruling sign of the year, the Rat, is your astrological ally! The feng shui winds bring relationship luck, thus everyone wants to help you. The #4 star attracts mentor luck onto your side, so listen to advice given by elders. The student Monkey can achieve great accolades so you should aim very high! You just have to watch your Element Luck indicators, which warn against fragile confidence levels. Don t allow those envious of your success to dent your confidence. Surround yourself with friends who make you feel good about yourself.


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