(Sūtra) The Dharma-Door of Praising Tathāgata Akṣobhya’s Merits

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Transcribed by Tâm Tịnh from the book titled, “A Treasury of Mahāyāna Sūtras

Akṣobhya Buddha’s Dhāraṇī:

ན་མོ་རཏྣ་ཏྲ་ཡཱ་ཡ། ཨོཾ་ཀཾ་ཀ་ནི་ཀཾ་ཀ་ནི། རོ་ཙ་ནི་རོ་ཙ་ནི་ ཏྲོ་ཊ་ནི་ཏྲོ་ཊ་ནི།

ཏྲཱ་ས་ནི་ཏཱ་ས་ནི། པྲ་ཏི་ཧ་ན་པྲ་ཏི་ཧ་ན། སརྦ་ཀརྨ་པ་རཾ་པ་ར་རཱ་ནི་མེ་སྭཱཧཱ། 

Namo Bhagavate Akṣhobhāya, Tathāgatāyārhate Saṃyaksaṃbuddhyāya, Tadyathā: Oṃ Kaṃkani Kaṃkani, Rotsani Rotsani, Troṭani Troṭani, Trāsani Trāsani, Pratihana Pratihana, Sarva Karma Paraṃparāṇime Sarva Sattvānañcha Svāhā

(NOTE: The Dhāraṇī is not mentioned in the sūtra, everything below it is. Added as a personal foot note to invoke Akṣobhya’s blessing’s while reading it).

Chapter I

Thus have I heard. Once the Buddha was dwelling on Mount Gṛdhrakūṭa near Rājagṛha, together with an assembly of twelve hundred fifty great monks. All these monks were well-known Arhats who had extinguished all defilements and suffered afflictions no more. They were liberated in mind and in wisdom, and were as free and unhindered as great dragons. They had done what should be done and abandoned the heavy burdens. They had benefited themselves and severed all bonds of existence. They were conversant with the true teaching and had reached the other shore. [Among them,] only Ānanda remained in the stage of learning.


The Dhāraṇī of Lapis Light that Generates the Power of the Tathāgata’s Samādhi (The Concise Medicine Medicine Buddha Sūtra)

Medicine Buddha thangka image used with permission from Lumbini Buddhist Art Gallery, Berkeley California.

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Translated from the Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos

In the Indian Language [Sanskrit]: Ārya Tathāgata Vaiḍūrya Prabha nāma Bala Dhana Samādhi Dhāraṇī(ārya-tathāgata-vaiḍūrya-prabha-nāma-bala-dhana-samādhi-dhāraṇī)

In the Tibetan Language:

[1. actual title] P’akpa Dézhinshekpay Tingngédzin gyi Top Kyeypa Baidūryay Ö cheyjaway Zung (‘phags pa de bzhin gshegs pa’i ting nge ‘dzin gyi stobs bskyed pa baidūrya’i ‘od ces bya ba’i gzungs)

[2. ‘Nickname’ –Men Do Düpa (sman mdo bsdus pa)]

In the English Language: 1. Sanskrit title: Lapis Light of the Exalted Tathāgata: A Strength-Generating Dhāraṇī of Meditative Immersion

2. Tibetan title: The Exalted Dhāraṇīof Lapis Light that Generates the Power of the Tathāgata’s Samādhi

3. Tibetan ‘Nickname’: The Concise Medicine Buddha Sūtra


Thus have I heard: At one time, the Bhagavān was dwelling in the Abode of Medicine, together in one company with a great congregation of monks and a great congregation of bodhisattvas, and it was at that moment that the Bhagavān entered into the meditative immersion known as ‘Invoking the Field of the Buddha’.