DMtse Chinese Feng Shui Tathagata Stupa Buddhist Amulet Card for Protection Safe and World Peace Talisman Card


  • The dimension of the talisman card is approx.3.15″/ 8cm X 1.96″ / 5cm .
  • The craftsmanship of this piece is superb, this piece it is made of metal.
  • You can put Tathagata Stupa Buddhist Amulet Card Talisman Card into your wallet or purse to get income from the Tathagata Stupa card.
  • All Tathagata stupas are amulets to protect themselves from personal injury, it is one of the powerful Feng Shui products.
  • Tathagata stupa card carry this amulet with you at all times, pray for peace and prosperity for all people and world peace.


Package : X 1 Feng Shui Tathagata Stupa Buddhist Amulet Card ( gift bag free )

Size : 3.15″/ 8cm X 1.96″ / 5cm , thickness is about 0.22 mm

Material : Copper

Weight : 12g

*It is one of the powerful feng shui products.

*The craftsmanship of this card is superb, and it can provide the perfect gift for any holiday or occasion.

*Tathagata cards are always carried with you or put in your wallet or purse are free to protect peace yourself from personal injury.

*In order to pray for world peace from now on, the kind-hearted people once again made a joint aspiration to build a pagoda and pray for the peace of all people and world peace.

*Tathagata stupa for all needs must be fulfilled, and blessings and wisdom will increase dramatically.

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*Tathagata stupa buddhist card secret whole body relic treasure seal tower is stacked from the bottom up, the ground wheel is square to support yellow, the water wheel is round to support white, the steamer is triangle to support red, the wind wheel baht bowl is black, and the empty wheel is cyan Mani treasure shape.

The five elements of water, fire, wind, and air are the most basic combined elements of all tangible things in the world and even the ten worlds.

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