Wish Fulfilling Prayer Vertical Prayer Flag ~ Padmasambhava


by Radiant Heart East

  • 3ÕÐ 4Ó tall x 1Õ- 6Ó wide with 5 streamers 11 in. x 3.5 in.
  • Fully hemmed on all four sides; even each of the 5 streamers is fully hemmed
  • High grade, tightly woven 90% cotton/10% poly fabric
  • Bright colors: Long lasting, color-fast cloth dyes (won’t fade)
  • For fastening to pole: 1.5 in.diameter tube on pole side with cloth tie option


Product description


In the center of this 40 inch tall by 18 inch wide prayer flag sits Guru Rinpoche showing the gesture that subdues negative forces. The text is the short version of Padmasambhava’s Prayer of ÒSampa LhundrupÓ ~ Spontaneous Accomplishment, for quick wish fulfillment. This red flag with yellow borders has a woodblock design repeated 2 times . The 5 multicolored streamers (tongues) have ancient prayers and mantras for increasing the power of the prayers on the main body of the flag.

Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5

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