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Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! To commemorate this holiday, I wanted to share news of our soft relaunch (if you haven’t already noticed the obvious front-end changes, I’ll explain more later in a bit) and what the rest of the team here has been up to for the past couple of years. In a nut shell, we all took a long break to focus on our spiritual dharma practices, tend to our normal daily lives and spend quality time with our families.

I, personally for the past year have been learning how to do a total rebuild for a long deserved, and planned relaunch of our contemporary Việt Kiều/English Buddhist website, of which if you guys didn’t already know consists of several other specially selected, highly skilled lay, dharma practicing team members that also volunteer to provide all of the compiled content which include personal experience and opinions on Mahāyāna: Đại thừa/Vajrayāna:Kim cương thừa schools of thoughts, poems/thơ, curated Vietnamese translations with English posts, etc… I can not do all this on my own and it’s been a selfless team effort when we put all our wisdom minds together to provide compassion with all of our hearts.

Recently, we quietly began the rebuilding process, having successfully transferred over to a new web host server within the first planned stages and now we are down to last, final ones. That’s why it’s soft relaunch as we aren’t completely done just yet.

Please bare with us and forgive us, while we continue to migrate and transfer all of our old posts onto the new server as we are aware some of you asked what happened to the old site and looking for all your favorite posts. Because we are a team of volunteers, it’s a very time consuming, manual, worthwhile, rewarding process and since the emphasis is in regard to dharma, we really don’t want to do a rush job, to have everything all in disarray, unlike the old site format. For every new successful repost transfer onto the wordpress CMS blogging platform we are now using, it is setup to automatically share to our supplemental facebook fanpage Wisdom Compassion Trí Tuệ Từ Bi ཤེས་རབ་དང་སྙིང་རྗེ།, so if you were looking for a specific old post, you’ll be able to see it on your newsfeed in the next couple of days and or weeks if you’re already a fan or you can also subscribe and sign up via email on our website to get notified and make sure you don’t miss anything.

Earlier on, when I mentioned rebuild, without boring you guys with all the specific technical details and steps that are involved with such a challenging setup and configuration, I’ll just list a few things for those of you that may be curious or for other seasoned Sys Admins and DevOps Engineers that might be interested in knowing what took place. (Previously, the old website was hosted on an – all in one solution Wix, which was getting slower as we tried to scale up with new posts and pages, including the Wix WYSIWYG web builder that was getting to be very slow the more we used it, but we now have switched over to our very own web server on a VPS instance, setting every thing up ourselves, along with quicker DNS caching using cloudflare to help speed up serving HTML pages, for all of our site visitors from all over the world with 170+ cloudflare datacenters scattered across several continents including in both in the US and Vietnam). All these new changes will provide an overall better UX (User Experience) and hopefully also future proof the resources required to keep everything running smoothly for many years to come.
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