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A couple of days ago we made a few important changes to the site including reformatting long menu item names which were originally setup to be bi-lingual: being in both English and Vietnamese languages. As we re-evaluated, it looked as if we were trying to cram and fit everything together; as an example our About” section used to be setup as “About-Giới Thiệu” and when you had clicked on it, within the page itself once completely opened, would also show both languages combined with English on the top and Vietnamese on the bottom, which made the page look longer than it originally was intended to not be and provided an unsatisfying overall UX (User Experience).

Moving forward to give a more personalized experience, we decided to put the extra time and effort to create dedicated pages in Vietnamese for each and all of our menu items. This of course means double the work. Luckily the pages are already static in nature and don’t require to be updated on a daily basis, so this does save us some time as we could effectively translate an English page over to Vietnamese the first time around. To continue with the example above and further explain, we created the Vietnamese “Giới Thiệu” section. We tried to provide this on our ver. 1 beta iteration back in 2016, but since we started out with Wix at the time, menu-nested pages were a nightmare to setup. This present time around, as we have moved over and switched to wordpress, we now have a better idea how to manage and organize all the menu items that we had on the old site and to re-establish back onto this fresh new home of ours. This will also allow us to better accommodate with any additional menu items we plan to add in the future.

Lastly, all main menu items on the home page are now defaulted to Vietnamese and all menu items in English are nested underneath our dedicated English Section” section. We hope everyone understands why we took this approach.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

– Respectfully,
Tâm Tịnh

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