DharmaObjects Tibetan Buddhist 7 Water Offering Bowls (Copper)


by DharmaObjects

  • Great For Buddhist Altar
  • Meditation Water Bowls
  • 7 Water Offering Bowls Set
  • Approximate Size: Brass Bowls 2.5″ X 1″, Copper Bowls 2.75″ X 1″, Stainless Steel Bowls 3″ X 1″
  • Seller “DharmaObjects” is are the ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER of High Quality “DharmaObjects” Products on AMAZON


Product description

Material Type:Copper

Beautiful set of 7 water offering Bowls known as “Dintsar” in Tibetan are traditionally placed on Buddhist shrine and filled with water every morning as a way of collecting merit and virtue. Beside water bowls can be filled with flowers, incense, food and fruits.

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