DMtse Feng Shui Five Dzambhala Deity Talisman Amulet Card-Wealth


  • The dimension of the feng shui amulet is approx 3.2 x2 inch / 5x8cm
  • It is made of thin Brass coated with plastic.
  • It is very powerful amulet to ward off all kinds of bad energies.
  • You can put it into your wallet or purse to ward off all kinds of bad luck.
  • Each card will be accompanied by a blessing bag. Lucky bag color random.


Dzambhala statues originated from the Hindu god of wealth – “Kubera”. In Hinduism, Kubera’s mandate from the gods was to make devotees wealthy e.g. win the lottery. However, as Kubera was assimilated into Buddhism he took on the attributes of equanimity and compassion. As a result, he can still make devotees very rich but only if they combine their worldly desire with the virtue of generosity.

Five Types of Dzambhala Statues Indeed, Dzambhala is defined as the “Precious Golden Deity” who brings the wealth of the Dharma and material security to our lives. As such, there are five types of Dzambhala statues and each is a member of the jewel family. There is a yellow, white, black, green and red Dzambhala. Additionally, each of them has the obligation to generate material and spiritual wealth for their devotees.

Five Dzambhala are Green Dzambhala, White Dzambhala, Red Dzambhala, Yellow Dzambhala and Black Dzambhala. Green Dzambhala is in the center representing success and fulfillment. White Dzambhala representing to increase wealth; Red Dzambhala representing to bring prosperity and wealth; Yellow Dzambhala representing to enhance good luck, longevity and wisdom; Black Dzambhala representing to prevent from stealing and sickness, etc.

Package : 1 X ( Five Dzambhala Precious Golden Deity Talisman Card)(small bag random color)

Each size : 3.2 x 2 inch / 5x8cm

Weight :10g/pcs

Material : Brass

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