Medicine Buddha Health Talisman Card



This beautiful medicine Buddha talisman card has the image of medicine Buddha with mantra on one side and Tibetan powerful HUM syllable on the reverse side. It is believed that medicine Buddha can cure all kinds of diseases and help people overcome disasters. On the back, the HUM syllable is the foundation of all mantras. It is Tibetan’s powerful syllable to protect from all kinds of harms and enhance the power to achieve your success in all endeavors. It is strongly recommended for whom easily get sick to keep such health talisman card with you all time.

It is one of the powerful feng shui products. You can put Medicine Buddha Health Talisman Card into your wallet or purse to acquire benefit result from Medicine Buddha Health.

Size approx : 3 1/8″ x 2″

Material : Metal

Weight : 10g

Package : 1 X Medicine Buddha Health Talisman Card

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