Tenfold Kālacakra Protection Talisman Card



This beautiful handy pocket sized carrying along Tibetan talisman card framed with motifs of the Buddhist swastika has image of Tenfold Kālacakra on one side and description on the reverse side. Powerful Kālacakra has tenfold symbols which are very important powerful protection symbol in Tibet. Kālacakra is Time Wheel literally in Chinese. Tenfold symbols are consisting of 3 pictures and 7 Devanagari. 3 pictures are sun, semi-circular moon and dissolving flame whilst 7 Devanagari is seven syllables (Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya ). Since sun, moon are flame are represented by Om and Sva Ha is commonly used to end a mantra, the tenfold symbols rises the Kālacakra mantra to Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha. In China, Kālacakra Tenfold Powerful symbol is commonly known as Shi Xiang Zi Zai which has the power to let believers prevent from wars, sickness, hanger and disasters in order to get health and harmony. You can keep this handy talisman with you. The dimension of the talisman card is approx. 3 1/8″ x 2″. It is made of brass. See more Talisman Cards

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